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More paper goods, it would seem [Nov. 8th, 2005|10:38 pm]
Awful Cufflinks
Is it really my week again? Well, I do have some good news - not that anyone actually cares. But today I sewed my first thing in like seven or eight weeks. Now if only I can shake this stupid cold by my birthday ... everything would be fantastic.

None of this, by the way, has anything to do with today's topic. But I needed some space filler and am always happy to mention that my birthday is coming up. Maybe maybe maybe I can tie today's post in, actually ... since I'm writing about the Top 7 Gift Cards I Dig. Did you catch that ... I can use my hand again, birthdays. It's like magic the way I do that.

7. Chicken Butt Stationery by Young and With It (you know I love me some chickens)

6. Pillow-Fighting Robots at Blissfully Bitter

5. Origami Dress Notecards at KK Handmade

4. Hemlines Mix and Match Stationery from Bust's Boobtique

3. I Heart Sloppy Joes by Sidepony (well, I do ...)

2. Monkey Gift Tags from One Good Bumblebee (a monkey and a gift?? overwhelming is the word that comes to mind)

1. "This mother has five children. She likes all of them" from Mayhemm

And for all you Los Angeles-area girls ... I better see you Thursday night at the Roosevelt Hotel for the Red Carpet Boutique trunk show. Friday's a holiday, so you got no excuse.
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Necking [Nov. 2nd, 2005|08:14 am]
Awful Cufflinks
Driving in a snowstorm on Saturday, I was reminded how quickly winter hits up here. (Of course, as I write this, it's like 70 degrees. Freakish.) I have a cute Supermaggie scarf, and some scarves that I made and that others have made me, but I want more to match with all of my jackets (I am a jacket fiend). I'm sure I'm not alone, so I did some browsing to bring you a Tepid 7 of cute scarves...

7. Supermaggie's Vertical - Anybody with a Supermaggie scarf knows that one is just not enough. I'd love to add this vertical number to the collection.

6. Various Scarves at a minor thread - Whether you're going for knit or fleece, you'll get a cute scarf made by someone very nice here. (Not that the other folks on the list aren't nice! They all are!)

5. Bear Scarf at My Paper Crane - Argyle! And a silkscreened sad bear! Go Heidi!

4. Snake Scarf at Chocosho by Llama Yacht - An adorable stripedy snake!

3. Autumn Acorn Scarf at Karissa Cove - Light and cute to go with your fall outfits. It's not winter yet!

2. Corduroy Scarves at goodmorning, morning! - Do you know how much I love corduroy?

1. Cupcake Queen Scarf at Lulette - Don't tell me you didn't see it coming.

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Is a new wrist off the table? [Oct. 25th, 2005|10:48 pm]
Awful Cufflinks
Technically, I should have posted about Halloween, right? I mean, it's not even until next week. So if that's how we're going to do things ... I am going to seize this opportunity to list 7 Things I Want for My Birthday. Even if it's not for a couple weeks. Blame Awful Tara if you don't like it. Actually, go ahead and blame me ... I'm still too stoned on pain medicine to give a crap.

Yes, it's true. Still. How can it actually be taking this long to heal? Anyway, back to stuff I want. (Quite frankly, sometimes I like an excuse to just list stuff I want - I can't be the only one!)

7. Clearly I could use some help in this department right now ... so I've taken a shine to the Lucky Charm Cord Bracelets (the peace symbol, natch, even the four-leaf clover) at Shop Intuition.

6. Evil Kitty's Black TuTu Skirt ... had one, but it broke. Need another!

5. Am strangely drawn to these Bingo Sheep Things at Day-Lab. Want "money," lucky," "adventure" and "love." I'm not sure I understand them, but I could definitely use one of each.

4. It's too late to get me the Che Guevara Ring at FullofCraft.com because lovely Denise already sent it to me! But I'm still including it because the rest of you might need one too.

3. WonderWoman Cami & Panty Set either. Maybe it's the juxataposition of the stupid wrist brace.

2. Clothespin Peep Zipper Pack at The Small Object

1. Canon Powershot SD30 Digital Elph (it's supersmall! and purple!) doesn't even come out for a few more days. But Christmukkah is just around the corner.

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You're that land shark, aren't you? [Oct. 19th, 2005|08:17 am]
Awful Cufflinks
Administrative boringness: I think our Awful Cufflinks email is down (or at least my account is) and emails maybe have gotten lost for at least a week or so? Awful Krissy, is yours working?

Oh, yeah, this week's Tepid 7. Not too hard to guess that it's about Halloween stuff, right? The bestest holiday ever. Let's get on with it...

7. Jones Halloween Sodas - Yeah, I know I'm like the last person on earth to write about these. And the reviews make them sound awful. But come on. Caramel Apple soda!
6. SNL Halloween - Random Halloween SNL sketches, like the classic Land Sharks and Martha Stewart's All Hallows Eve.
5. Halloween Cards by Young & With It Industries - A great Etsy find -- super cute screenprinted Halloween kitty cards for only $5 a set.
4. Skull Cardigan at Pin Up Girl Clothing - I'm too much of a prude for this store's costumes, but I am in love with this cardigan.
3. Stuffed Acorns by Not Too Pink - Another adorable Etsy find. Nice to have something that's cute for all of fall and not just Halloween!
2. Halloween Sticker Set at Seamripper - So cute, and a mere buck-fifty for a set of 6! Don't forget to grab the October calendar background while you're there (in the Fun section).
1. Chocolate Ghosts at L.A. Burdick - Snack-sized Kit-Kats kick ass, but sometimes you need to take your Halloween candy consumption to a higher level.
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Life sucks sometimes [Oct. 12th, 2005|01:11 am]
Awful Cufflinks
I dream of a day when my paw is no longer bum. It might happen, right? I'm at three weeks (and counting). In preparation for the day I become whole, I've been stalking 7 new journals to have at the ready so I can get right back into writing about my boy troubles. Come, see for yourself. (You'll have to imagine the pithiness again this week ... it really does hurt to type.)

7. Sweetheart Linocut Printed Pamphlets at Bookish Lady
6. Asian Pocket Weekly from Paper Source ... made out of Asian money
5. While we're on the subject, Paper Source also has Kits for Binding Date Books
4. Polka Dot Journal at Paper Treasure by Jesseca McCloskey
3. Corace Pirate Journal at If'n Books + Marks can be made with graph paper ... graph paper!
2. How do I even start to pick between I have no respect for authority and Screw you, I know what I'm doing at Pinup Revolution?
1. My pal Joseph at Cactus Pony has my favorite journal of all, My Diary - and I just saw that you can have it personalized with your name. I can't wait for him to email me back!
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