awfultara (awfultara) wrote in awfulcufflinks,

Single cells need love too

Real amoebas are kind of cool, at least to science nerds such as myself. But, as you might expect from microscopic creatures, their jewelry potential is minimal at best.

Enter The Starving Artist Bazaar, purveyor of jewelry and other super-artistic goodies.

The lovely Ms. Syfu (how very cool is her last name?) has come up with glass pendants called Amoebas that have some of the blobbiness and swirliness of their single-celled namesakes.

Unlike the real deal, they are quite visible sans microscope, super-colorful (they come in a bajillion color combos), and a mere $20. (Actually, I guess you can get the real deal free in your local scummy pond, but still...)

And, I must add, that when you wear something from The Starving Artist Bazaar, you need to prepare for a ton of compliments. I have a non-amoeba necklace that I got for Xmas and people won't shut up about how cute it is!

Amoeba Glass Pendants at The Starving Artist Bazaar

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