awfultara (awfultara) wrote in awfulcufflinks,

You gotta be in it to win it

How many of you remembered to come by today for the Tepid 7? As much as you missed us, we totally understand if it takes you a little while to get into the idea of checking on Wednesdays for the latest list. But those of you who did remember are in for a treat...

Tepid 7: Contests, Raffles, and Free Stuff

7. BUST magazine's "Win Stuff!" page - This is only #7 because they're a little outdated but I'm sure there will be some new ones added soon.
6. Button Arcade's Belly Button Drawing - A fun one for expectant moms and such (see, I remember that you wanted more of that kind of thing!).
5. Venus magazine's "You in Venus" promotion - Get your picture in Venus without being in a cool band.
4. Stylebakery/Girlshop's "On the Rise" contest - Tell them your favorite indie shopping sites (cough, cough) and enter to win a $250 Girlshop gift certificate.
3. Sampler Raffles - Raffles change weekly, but are always awesome. This week, you could enter to win a lifetime Sampler subscription.
2. Threadless T-shirt design competition - You could win $500 in cash and prizes if your design is picked.
1. Happily Handmade - This amazing giveaway is back, and the indie gift baskets you could win are bigger than ever!
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